Banqer is the future of financial education for young Aussies.

Netwealth is delighted to be funding 15,000 students to use Banqer. Help make your child one of the lucky ones.

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  • Easy to use and integrate into the classroom
  • Increased motivation and engagement
  • Strengthened understanding of financial and life skills

It’s easy to refer a teacher to Banqer!

If you’re a parent please use the form below to refer a teacher for this special offer and we’ll send them some helpful information on what Banqer can do for their classroom and students.

We don't want to get sent to the principal's office! If you’re unsure whether your teacher will want to receive this please check with them first. We’ll only use this email to send your teacher some initial information about Banqer, and will keep their email address safe.

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Are you a teacher looking to get going with Banqer?

It’s easy, free to up to 15,000 students for a year thanks to Netwealth and only takes a minute to get set up, we have helpful tutorials, videos and lesson plans to get you started as well!

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